Brain Wash Four

29/03/2010: BRAIN WASH FOUR

Brilliant examples of genre filmmaking were at the heart of BW Four, showcasing how to do comedy, animation and documentary in new and inspiring ways.

Impressive stuff. Michael Latham's Boxer took home first prize - somebody commission this guy to make more please! Scouting for Rudeboys (Joe Tucker), Photograph of Jesus (Laurie Hill) and Hairy Tale (Lisa Forrest) rounded up the rest of the audience favourites in a lineup that saw the BAFTA winning animated tale Varmints (from Marc Craste at Studio AKA), and us covering our eyes at the gory-but-awesome Papa Wrestling (Fernando Alle). 

Event Gallery: No photos here (!), but the lovely programme and poster images are by Dave Bell, design by Amy Hepton. Scan from the Kilburn Times.