Brain Wash One

30/11/2009: BRAIN WASH ONE

Our first event!

A great lineup awaited those who managed to squeeze in and find a seat... Retro revenge tale Pudding Bowl (Vanessa Caswill) won the audience vote first prize, followed by the strange and colourful NFTS animation Yellow Belly End (Phillip Bacon). 

We were pleased to welcome the team from Recovered (Alfredo Cozzi) to Brain Wash, who could collect their third place prizes in person. The night also saw Sascha Zimmerman's bunny heist film 25 Cent, a couple of strong entries from Westminster film school, Charlie Chaplin (Nathan D'Arcy Roberts) and Pimlico (Will Dorian Smith), plus the brilliant You Know... from Liam Herne. BW artist Dave also designed us some monster badges!

Event Gallery: Photos by Chris Brazel. Programme image by Dave Bell, design by Amy Hepton.