Brain Wash Three

22/02/2010: BRAIN WASH THREE

Well just how epic was that finale?! There may have been tears. Our hats are off to Miro Remo for his film Arsy Versy, first prize winner by a mile and all round excellent story about a bat photographer and his patient mother. 

BW's very own Ryan Vernava screened Inept, and we were very happy to congratulate Ugly Happiness (Manav Dhir) and The Runaway (Léopold Dewolf) on their joint win! Brain Wash favourite Ian Pons Jewell also got a special mention as the imaginative (and kind of disturbing) Quarter Inch marked a triptych of BW screenings for the filmmaker. Keep them coming! 

Event Gallery: Photos by the Brain Wash team. Programme and poster images by Dave Bell, design by Amy Hepton.