Curzon Soho August 2010


Brain Wash arrived at Curzon Soho in the summer for a new programme of short films in the art house cinema's bar. Over 100 of you came down, so hopefully everybody could see the screen...

Ian Pons Jewell's trippy policeman music video for Tinie Tempah won first prize at the audience vote, with Sis (Deborah Haywood) in second place and joint third prize winners Custard (Peter Millard) and The Craftsman (Neil Ingall, Phil Dunlop, Julian McCrea and Dan Turner). They left with some gifts courtesy of Curzon.

The lineup also featured Spin (Max Hattler), Big Booty Hoes (from the always entertaining Stevie Girard) and the wonderful Conversation Piece (Joe Tunmer) - all worth a closer look! 

Event Gallery: Colour photos by Chris Brazel, B+W film photos by Joseph Kelly Jones. Programme image by Dave Bell, design by Amy Hepton.