Freecode Hexagon, Birmingham


Join Brain Wash resident VJ Minuek (aka Jim Warrier) for a visual feast in Birmingham...

Realtime, generative Audio Visual performance presented in the MAC’s best kept secret - a gem of 1960s architecture - the HEXAGON theatre, originally the Cannon Hill Puppet Theatre. Featuring stunning work from the most experienced and freshest face, alike:

SCREE are DJ Sir Real ( from the House of God and VJ Catweasel ( who does visuals for artists like Stevie Wonder. 

Modulate ( are an AV collective who grew out of electronic ambient pioneers Higher Intelligence Agency, and the legendary club night, Oscillate.

FREECODE are an AV collective of tweakers featuring:
Chromatouch (www.chromatouch.wordpress.​com),
Minuek (,
Laternist (​m
Hellocatfood (

For full details & tickets, see​event/184266

Check the facebook event page for more details.