When I told people to come with me to see Hanna, they asked what it was about. I replied it was the story of a little girl trained in the forest by her dad to fight bad guys and Cate Blanchett wants to kill her. Not only did this make it totally unappealing to them, I was also completely wrong.

Joe Wright, the guy who unfortunately brought you Pride & Prejudice, Atonement (although I still haven't seen it and I hear it's good but whatever) and that weird TV ad against domestic violence, finally ditched Keira Knightley and replaced her by awesome 17-year-old Saoirse Ronan.

Pairing her up with my personal favourite Australians Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana, Wright turns Saoirse Ronan into Hanna: a blue-eyed killing machine who discovers the world for the first time after spending her life in the snow covered woods with her father (Bana).

The plot unravels as Hanna finds herself in places and situations even more absurd and dangerous than the previous ones, such as fighting off skinhead CIA agents who want to kill her. She has one goal: meeting her father back in Germany. Because that's where they're from, duh. To do this, she tags along with a hippy British family. They're funny.

But despite all the ass kicking, Hanna is not really an action movie. It's about a teenager discovering the world. The film oozes with symbolism, which goes from the Grimm brothers' house to the sexually perverted bad guy – clearing the way for some serious overanalyzing. Yes, Hanna is a little bit like a fairytale. She does leave the forest to face the evils of the world and a mean godmother-like figure. But let's leave it at that or else you guys won't go see it. I promise you, there are car chases and dead people, and lots of awesome quirky bits which I won't ruin for you.


What I will tell you is that by letting The Chemical Brothers take care of the entire film's soundtrack, Wright made the second best decisions of his life (after ditching Keira Knightley). The music is simply amazing. Just watch the trailer. Hanna is released in the UK on the 6th May.