Ten things the Inherent Vice trailer tells us:

1. No matter how snobby the cinephile, pretentious the writer or arrogant the director, anyone who considers themseves a filmmaker, watcher or lover is always willing to line up and jizz all over anything that P.T. Anderson touches and rightly so, seven films in and the wunderkind has yet to hit a bum note.

2. There'll soon be a lot more cunts reading Pynchon novels on the tube.

3. The cast looks spectacular and in P.T.s hands will no doubt treat us to some unforgettably larger than life performances.

4. The soundtrack will almost definately be amazing.

5.  There Will Be Lolz.

6. The world needs more slapstick stoner noirs.

7. A film doesnt have to take itself seriously to be clever. Hopefully this will go some way towards coercing the more broody auters out there away from their belief that over-long, over-wrought drama addled with pregnant pauses and long vacant stares constitues good writing/directing. 

8. Doc may well be this generations 'The Dude'. 

9. We're likely to see a resurgence of the The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers look.

10. Any actual hippies out there will probibly be oblivious to this film.

10.5 There's an amazing Bugs Bunny version of the poster.

Inherent Vice is out in December. Go see it.