The Web Series The Dead Must Die came to a dramatic end online last week, but fear not: it is all available to watch in glorious HD on DailyMotion. We bumped into Matt at Cannes Lions last week where his winning entry to the MOFILM competition premiered with an introduction by Jesse Eisenberg. Amidst the madness he agreed to answer some questions for the zine...


So tell us about yourself and how The Dead Must Die came about?

My name is Matt Snyman and I’m a filmmaker based in London, doing commercials, shorts, virals and the like, with my accomplice and music maestro Tom Godfrey. Our Nerdcore zompocalypse web series "The Dead Must Die" came along entirely by accident. It started as a test for my (at the time) brand new 5D Mark2, which I bought in its first week of release. I thought the best way to get acquainted and have a bit of a play was to shoot something. Somehow we naturally gravitated towards zombies (as you do) and in the end, the short video turned out rather well, with some great little performances from Liza Callinicos and Stephen Russell. So we decided to spin it out into a series... The series then took freaking ages to shoot, and even longer to take to market. But we got there in the end thanks to those charming folks at Daily Motion, 235k hits strong!

Happy slapping using zombies arms was a particularly nice touch when they're surrounded in the car park, what would be your zombie holocaust weapon of choice?

Thank you kindly, those were damn expensive prosthetic arms that we rented. They were originally sculpted for a Wes Craven feature that I've forgotten the name of. They actually ended up with a bit of slaphappy battle damage at the end and I thought I was in for a 2500 squids bill from the prop house, but they were totally cool with it. Which literally made my life. As for my zombie holocaust weapon of choice.... Watch this video Machete Slingshot FTW!

Oh man that guy is ridiculous, he's just sitting at home building slingshots wishing so much for someone to try burgle him!

Favourite zombie kill of all time?

Ooooh that's a tough one. I'm going to go for the Zombie Vs Shark scene from Zombie 2 pretty much 'cause it has a shark.

Zack Snyder's name pops up a few times in the series, are there any other major influences to your work?

Yeah we have a love/hate relationship with the Snyder. Love: the first 3 letters in his surname. Hate: Everything else. That's not actually true, the man has a fantastic cinematic eye. It's just too bad the rest of him is all Pop Video. SlowFastMotion fight scenes are a great invention though. We parodied it a bit in episode 4. My bro worked on Sucker Punch for him so we tried to get him a copy of the show, but no dice. As for major influences on TDMD, you'd be hard pressed to look further than Sam Raimi, Sir Peter Jackson, Kevin Smith and Edgar Wright.

You seem to have an affinity to the undead, do you secretly want to bang them?

Are we including Vampires in this? 'Cause I think the whole world wants to bang vampires right now. Especially the twinkly ones.

Fuck, marry, kill? Possessed chick from The Exorcist, Cher or Vera Cosgrove from Brain Dead?

That's a lot of weird in one sentence right there. Which Cher? Robo plastic Cher or Battleship straddling Cher or back in the day Cher? I'd go with Kill Vera Cosgrove, because I still have nightmares about the climax of that movie. I'm ambiguous on the fuck (depending on which Cher) and I’d marry Linda Blair 'cause she's awesome and loves animals. Her head doesn't even spin once in this interview.

What's next for you then? A feature film or maybe a second series?

We're pushing for a second season of The Dead Must Die, and are now waiting to see how much funding we can get to make it more double rainbow. And I've got a feature script doing the rounds at the moment too. So it's all good. Today I’m finishing up a short with a massive Dragon in it. Oh yeh and check out the first season here: 

and follow the twitter: @thedeadmustdie