A couple of weeks ago the elusive trailer for SebastiAn’s TOTAL LP was released. If you’ve not seen it yet, it’s posted below. The next minute and half will throw you into an epileptic, retina raping journey through to the depth of all the bad things your mum warned you about on the world wide web. We wanted to talk to Ja Rule but he was a bit busy so we caught up with someone a bit more relevant, the guy that actually made it.

So, tell us a little about yourself... Who are you, what do you do? Where are you based? 

I am a 30 something French man living and working in boring Paris working as a film critic for TV and magazines. I started directing 12 years ago, making shorts and music vids, only stuff that I liked to listen to. I worked for a while as an assistant director on some stupid movies and did some script supervision and screenwriting too.

I’ve basically dedicated my entire life to cinema. Rough, strange, different cinema. I also worked as an art director for a few production companies. I currently work as a scenographer and artistic director for SebastiAn's first Live Tour.

You seem fairly elusive online, are you hiding? If so from what?

There is one thing that's scares me the most, it's fame and celebrity. I hate the idea of loosing my identity, being judged, being recognised etc. For me people who want to be in the light are just dumb. Celebrity is the most stupid thing ever. I also didn't want to go on trial for the images I stole in the TOTAL video.

What is the premise of the video? There's so much epic imagery and some recognisable clips from the depth of the Internet too, tell us about the process for making the video.

Since the first time Sebastian made me listen to his track, I saw a rhythmic epileptic montage. He totally agreed with me and we wanted to show the world our own vision of the internet/the world nowadays.

It’s very political. Today, in one click, you can see everything everywhere. There is one main problem in our society today: Speed. Everyone is looking for speed, medias want to have the latest news, people take drugs to be faster, everyone is looking to be more competitive etc. I take this idea and try to push it to its max, I try to cause nausea to make people think of it. The video tries to show people the era we all live in. It can go from zoophilia to genocide or torture porn to suicide in one second. This is where we live! 

As an artist (I hate this word) I try to make it as colourful and explosive as possible. I mostly worked on rhythm and colour on this one, more like a painter than as a director. I've been looking for strange images since, well, Google!  I send funny, crazy, horrible pics to my friends through IChat like every other salary person does everyday to escape their lame jobs. The web generation created a new form of art and I found each pics/gif used in the video as work of art. It’s ugly for some people but I found them very beautiful and interesting as they are a reflection of our society. 

You go by the name revenge? why? is this video revenge for all the terrible things the Internet has exposed you to? When you close you eyes at night before you go to bed is this what you see?

I took this name 5 years ago , it was the name of a party I used to host in Paris clubs. The idea was to show people how better we can do than all the hipsters DJs who play in Paris, we were sick of the bad taste every producers/DJ showed.

Nowadays DJs don't take any risks, they go to a club, give the audience what they re waiting for and take the cash. no surprises at all. For us, being a DJ was trying to make people discover new sounds, new artists and try to show them a different performance. So I worked with a friend who owns his record label now and we used to burn Paris down with our sound/ style!! He was mixing while I would usually scream horrible stuff into a microphone as I try to shake people up. It was really fun. So taking this name again for this video is a good way to say how I feel watching all the stupid music videos everyday. We can do better, easily, without money, just need freedom and ideas. But the music industry and the film business don't like freedom and ideas! When I close my eyes I only see thing and tall beautiful girls making love. It’s when I open my eyes in the morning that I see images like that!

How did you get involved in the project? 

Sebastian is one of my best friends. We’ve worked on many ideas and always wanted to work together so when he finish TOTAL he made me listen to it and asked me if I had some ideas for a video to accompany it. I gave him many ideas and the one we could do pretty easily without money or waiting for a production company was this one, so I did. 

You posted all the blogs from the video at the end, do you ever want to look at these sites again?

All these sites are true museums updated every day, so it was natural to pay tribute to them. I love these sites, they’re as disgusting as they are incredibly beautiful. Since that I’ve discovered  so many that are way more disturbing! 

Highbrow avant-garde, or low brow low blow?

Can you imagine art without political or intellectual thinking?

We're guessing you like it dutty but the question is how dutty?

I like when it smells of ass.

Favourite clip or link to show your grandma?

Windowlicker and Come to Daddy by Chris Cunningham without hesitation, he is still the greatest. I used my grandma as an old lonely crazy hooker in a short, she was brilliant!

And finally, more of a personal enquiry than a question but is there an extended version we could get our hands on as we didn’t have time to w**k over this clip? (sorry)

No other versions. This one is the only one you can see for now, but wait for the first Sebastian Live Tour and I assure you, you will die!

WORDS: @liamachaibou