NYC October 2010


Hosted by Dan Nickson and Pauline Eiferman (both currently at Columbia University), the first international Brain Wash landed on Halloween day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at The Knitting Factory.

The submissions brief demanded the most gruesome and gory horror shorts, and the final programme did not disappoint!

Banshee (Michael Elkin), Buckley's Coffee (Franco & Billy), Containment (Scott Watson) and The Scritch Scratch of Busy Little Hands (Joy and Noelle Vaccese) entertained in the first half, followed by Husk (Zack Williams), Catafalque (Christoph Rainer), Transit (Stephen Lapcevic), Vision (Jaimie Hooper) and 15:2 (Brennan Parks). An unhappy cat having a bath won first prize, in Danillo Parra's Torture Room.

We also apologise if any of the small children trick or treating at the bar (or any adults in the audience) were traumatised by the downright terrifying Ninjas, by Dennison Ramalho. The Brazilian director's cop blood-fest is certainly gonna stick with us for some time, but for now here's an interview he did with Vice...

Halloween in America is pretty awesome.

Event Gallery: Photos from the Brain Wash team. Programme image by Dave Bell, design by Amy Hepton.