Morph, directed by Eve Dufaud during the Kino Kabaret of Vienna in 2010.


I was participating at the Kino Kabaret of Vienna in June 2010. The Kino kabarets are sort of like workshops where you have to make a film in a very short time (24/48,72h). Eve was directing this film while I was directing another one. She was editing the film on a computer right next to mine and I was so amazed at the frames on the screen that I sometimes forgot to work on my movie and just watched her screen... I had met her two days before. I told her bad jokes and we drank beer and she told me about the film she wanted to make.

 "Its about a girl who wakes up in different places, maybe there or there, I will shoot her in this bar and she should be naked at the end."

 And I was just like "oh, ok, maybe this can be cool, but maybe crap too, I have no idea". But I was so far from the truth. As we were editing, I was just really impressed by her. I felt like I was working right next to Steven Spielberg or James Cameron. "I shouldn't talk to her because she is a master and I am just a crappy fan."

 This film is for me the best incarnation of the "levels of dreams" before Inception. I had a lot of these dreams some years ago, where you never really know if you are finally awake or still asleep. And it felt just like this amazing film that this amazing girl was making in 48 hours right in front of me. Oh, and she is a really good friend today. She was DOP on two of my films, and co-directed another one with me. I am a big fan of my friend, and this is quite a good feeling.


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