April's SOTM comes courtesy of Charlie Lyne who runs sexy film blog Ultra Culture 


"I've got a memory of staying up late at the age of 9 or 10 to watch TV past my bedtime. At some point during the night (presumably after American Pie or whatever other mild filth I wanted to watch without parental supervision) Chris Cunningham's experimental art short Flex came on, and I was instantly engaged.
For one thing it had occasional flashes of nakedness that, to my pre-pubescent eye, constituted the most transgressive prospect imaginable. But it's the inexplicably ethereal quality of the piece, despite its brutish physicality, that still surprises me today. How does it convey a sense of narrative with no dialogue, characters or scenery? Have the human bodies depicted been digitally altered or is their near-grotesque manipulation purely physical? And most importantly, when's the best moment to pause to get a look at the woman's nipple? Feel free to search for answers within this three and a half minute clip, but I certainly haven't had much luck finding them.
That said, you might want to pause at 1:21."