"There are a lot of aspects I like about Eleonora Berra's short Effort as it exploits the wonders of stop motion beautifully. The amazing atmosphere and the rawness of it. It didn't need a massive budget, but more a clever mind to get us into a whole and complete universe that we get drawn into as a viewer. That's often what I love about stop frame, it's finding playful solutions to express whatever the hell you want. There are no boundaries to animation, but the ones you can't imagine, so if you push it and find clever ways to execute your animation, you can show whatever you want! And this short does.

And I love the surreal "man meets his maker" kind of story where the director in order to express the story plays on the actual way stop-frame works. We're being shown the rigs and the unfinished character as actual parts of the story and it's all beautifully crafted. That's another thing I like in stop-frame, it's the human touch in it. It makes it un-perfect and that's what actually makes it pretty damn perfect, as it's all been animated physically by a person. That beautiful fragility transpires onto the screen and reminds the viewer that he's actually watching someone's craft and long hours of work on screen. And that's another thing that transpires in this film and is actually part of the story, very clever. And on top of all that, the whole thing is very well lit and shot. So all in all, I think this one is a really clever and beautiful stop-frame short!"

Chris Ullens is a Belgian director born in wonderful 1980. He lives and works in London. He loves his wife, stop-motion, the beauty in human error and anything playful. With all that and a few awards, he will happily ever after continue experimenting with his multi-disciplinary background in order to find fresh, new, weird and exciting projects.

One of OUR favourite shorts here at Brain Wash is Chris' teddy bear massacre for Amon Tobin alter ego Two Fingers. You can catch Vengeance Rhythm alongside a number of other gory and terrifying shorts at the Encounters Late Lounge Deluxe at The Watershed on the 18th September.