Parisian visual artist Xavier Magot aka REVENGE selects May's SOTM...  


"Outer Space is one of my all time favorite shorts and Peter Tscherkassky one the best directors ever. 

I discovered this short when I was a cinema student ten years ago in an outside projection in the woods. We were very few film buffs and Outer Space was a total shock for me. Nowadays it s pretty common to use existing footage for music vids or "art" works but at that time, it was not so familiar and I was really amazed the way Tscherkassky told a totally brand new and modern story with the remix of The Entity.
The way he works is amazing too. The process is really time consuming, as he works only on real 35mm footage that is cut and edited manually. He then exposes each photogram that he’s chosen onto a new film, exposing the original pieces with a small red light. He selects a specific action or part of the picture he wants to focus on and exposes it. It’s the same process with the sound. He can expose it to make it live as an actor - or an action - and make it totally live as a monster in the film. It's a long process as he can only edit about 10 seconds per day so on Outer Space he works for about 6 months. 
As an artist, Tscherkassky carries on the experimental tradition in very much the same way Stan Brakhage did. He modernises it by transforming pre-existing material/film to create a completely new direction - letting them a reveal a totally new story telling based on fear and sensation. Big respect to him."