In my job I’m in the privileged position of being able to watch a shedload of short form content every day. I’ve got ads coming out the ying-yang, more promos than I can shake a dancing stick at and the longest list of shorts this side of Hawaii and I bloody love it. For something short form to catch my eye, ear and brain it has to do one simple thing, stimulate me. Not like that, you saucy sausage, but in the way that it sets off one of my highly honed emotions. This may seem like a long-winded way of introducing my choice of Short Of The Month, but I need you clever trendoids reading this to know why I’ve made my descion.

When the BrainWashers asked me to pick my SOTM (you’ll all be calling it that soon) I ran through a list of mini-movies that had tickled my sense-sticks in the past. There are the ones that make me cry (‘Sign Language’, you award-winning bastard, you always get me), the ones that make my mind crumble (‘La Jette’, you influential bastard, you never fail to sharpen my synapses) and the ones that make my heart soar (‘Nuit Blanche’, you beautiful bastard, you beautiful beautiful bastard). However, there’s one short that jumped to the top of the list simply because it always ALWAYS makes me chuckle, and that’s a stimulation I ruddy love! It’s a short short, it’s a great short, it’s YumYum’s ‘Parallel Parking’.


Now before anyone moans about it being too short or too slight to be my favourite, just stop for a sec and ask yourself ‘Did I laugh?’. If the answer is ‘No’, move along. We shall never be pals. You probably don’t even like Back To The Future or the initial taste of TicTacs do you? You lunatics.

If your answer was ‘Yes’, then what else do you need? In my mind it’s pretty much everything I ever want in a short:

1. It’s extremely well crafted - check out the detail in the setting, in the movement, in the sound.
2. It does exactly what it sets out to do, doesn’t overstay its welcome and knows exactly what it is.
3. It’s endlessly re-watchable and sharable - I bet at least 50% of you will chuck this on your Facebook and Twitter and claim you found it. You’re swines, but I love you anyway ‘cause you like this.

If all shorts were as comfortable as this one in their filmy skin (urgh, didn’t think that one through) it would improve the enjoyment of watching them immeasurably, as well as my job even more enjoyable than the funfest it already is.

For the record I also like high-art, reading books with old words in them and drinking coffee (if you put a sugar in it, ta). It’s just that I enjoy seeing a ham fall on a car more. Is that a crime?

So there you go. Now watch it again.
YumYum are a directing duo based in London and, as their website attests, as inhumanly nice and talented -

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