Brain Wash fired some questions at Sascha Kirk Ehrenreich about new online video platform recognising film talent with a daily award. Here's Sascha to tell us more about VOTD

VOTD (Pronounced “Voted”) is a daily awards website devoted to presenting the best and brightest work of both young and established artists in short film and video. It's a space for inspiration and to celebrate all different creative forms of moving image.

Each day we announce Video Of The Day (VOTD). And we invite artists to submit their best work.Once a video is submitted, a panel of industry experts and the wider public score it on four criteria : Idea, Innovation, Design and Execution. 

Can you tell us a bit about your role at VOTD?

My role is Content Development and Communications, so i'm constantly looking for new and exciting directors/videos and spending a lot of time coming up with and planning future ideas for VOTD, as we're in the start-up-fase this includes working on literately everything.. but with all the great vids out there I'm easily tempted to just be watching videos all day long!

You are a relatively new company, what's it like to be with something from the beginning? 

It's amazing and scary at the same time because you're constantly hoping that the audience believe in VOTD as much as you do. We launched only two months ago, now we're nearly 400 videos and 4000 voters richer, this is rewarding and we're more than ever motivated to improve the platform and show a strong line up of content. 

When we started BW many years ago we had a regular column called SOTM (Short of the month) since then we have seen friends such as SOTW (Short of the Week) flourish. Now we're sitting here talking to VOTD which awards videos daily. As Andy Warhol famously said 'in the future everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes'. Do you think this is a good thing? Is the demand for consumable content increasing or do you think our attention spans are getting shorter?

We are making people famous? No, "we" are recognising talent. For sure our attention spans are getting shorter, but then it’s all about context and content right? By recognising and highlighting talents, we hope to inspire and stimulate creativity so more exceptional work will be created. If someone on VOTD becomes truly famous, like Andy Warhol, we would be very happy! 

We love the design of the website in particular your animated logo. Can you tell us a bit about the design process?

Thanks for noting! We care deeply about design and aesthetic and we were lucky enough to collaborate with the one and only animator Markus Magnusson on our animated logo. Any and all great design takes time - no matter how simple - so for us, it’s wasn’t about rushing the process, we gave it time, space and a LOT of iteration until we had the final work that reflects who we are as a brand.

What's next for VOTD? Any plans for world domination?

Well the way the internet works these days means we’re already global! We’d certainly like to build the team and hone into marketplaces beyond Europe in a bigger way. We’re also interesting in partnering with Short Awards Festivals and hosting screenings to showcase our VOTD Awards Winners. If you have any ideas, suggestion or any other interest in VOTD you can always drop us an email on hello@votd.tv 

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